Soil remediation

We are specialized in remediation of soil contaminated with organic pollutants such as oil, solvents, PAHs.

Cleaning up a contaminated site does not have to be just digging up and transporting the masses. With more than 30 years of experience, we know what is happening in the soil and how to affect it.

Find out about the different clean-up methods in our references.

Water purification

In groundwater purification we use biological and physical methods, as well as reactive barriers through which contaminants such as volatile hydrocarbons and chlorinated solvents are broken down. We also use different pump & treat cleaning as well as water circulation methods.

In addition to groundwater treatment, we are specialized also in landfill wastewater treatment.

In-situ clean up instead of dig & dump

To clean up the contaminated soil we use advanced in-situ and on-site technologies, reducing the need to transport and dispose of soil by 40 – 100 %.

Advanced remediation methods reduce both clean-up costs and carbon footprint of the remediation work. This is why most of our customers choose in-situ or on-site clean-up instead of excavation and transport.

Often the best results are achieved through a combination of on-site cleaning and mass transfer, which is both environmentally sustainable and cost-effective.

From waste to resource!

In addition to cleaning up contaminated sites, we have carried out dozens of pile treatments of contaminated soil masses. After a successful pile treatment, soil masses have been utilized in different civil construction works reducing the use of virgin soil.

We are a significant part of soil mass circular economy.