Environment and quality

The line of business of Nordic Envicon Oy is in the environmental area of treatment and research. We have specialized in treatment of contaminated soil, treatment of landfill emissions, water treatment processes and air quality research. The target of the company is to offer services to the clients to mend environmental damages and prevent more damages from happening.

When practising business Nordic Envicon Oy:

  • Estimates and anticipates the environmental risks of the activities and strives with own actions for reducing these risks and possible effects. Especially health and safety facts are taken into consideration.
  • Obeys the environmental legislation and the orders of authorities. The company obtains all appropriate environmental permits and looks after their validity.
  • Continuously trains the personnel, subcontractors and partners targeting the best and up-to-date information and technology in order to achieve environmental aims and to carry out the projects in a safe and effective way.
  • Regularly estimates the quality and environmental effects of the activities. The target is to strive for the improvement of management and quality of the activities by developing the practises and processes.
  • Openly informs about all the environmental matters and strives for dialogue with all interest groups. This high-quality environmental and quality politics has been confirmed in the board of directors of Nordic Envicon Oy.