Water treatment

Nordic Envicon Oy’s Water treatment business unit has specialized on waters originating from waste treatment processes. We supply treatment facilities for landfill leachates as well as composting and fermentation plant waters. The Water treatment unit supplies also solutions to treat and process landfill gas.The water quality from waste treatment processes is significantly different compared with municipal waste waters. Our long-term expertise and the approach to design the facility on a case-by-case basis guarantee that the final product is of highest quality and the optimal solution to fulfill our clients’ needs.

Tailor-made service for the client.

Jäteasema Nurmijärvi Metsä-Tuomela waste treatment station
30000 m³/a
Kaatopaikka Kuusamo Maanselä landfill
10000 m³/a

Our services:

  • Treatment facility design and construction
  • Operating service with full responsibility for the treatment result

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