Contaminated Soil


Our company has carried out the cleanup of over 70 contaminated soil sites that have been for example closed down fuel distribution and oil storage facilities, wood impregnation sites as well as dry cleaner sites. Oil hydrocarbons, PAH or PCB compounds, chlorinated solvents and chlorophenoles have been the most common contaminants. Our main customers are oil companies, the SOILI project of the Oil Industry Service Centre Ltd (owned by the Finnish Oil and Gas Federation), real estate investment companies, municipalities and the state.

Our services:

Two-stage treatment service

Contaminated site is treated in two stages. In preliminary stage the soil is treated in-situ and in the main stage the soil is excavated and transported to the off-site-treatment. Costs savings are achieved, because the amount of the soil in the main stage is typically 30-100 % smaller than without in-situ-treatment-stage.

In-situ treatment

The contaminated soil is treated on site (in-situ) without the need for excavation. In-situ methods include ao. biostimulation, soil vapour extraction, chemical oxidation and electro-osmosis. In-situ treatment can be applied alone in contaminated sites where excavating is difficult or impossible because of buildings, road or other constructions.

Off-site treatment

The contaminated soil is excavated and treated in stockpiles in specialized treatment facilities. The methods applied are similar to those in in-situ treatment.

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